Baseball in the Big Apple

ImageSo it’s almost been 4 months since I moved up North and a little more than 3 months at my new job. Time flies – especially when most of your hours are swallowed by commuting. I’ve decided that in my few short months of living here that public transporation is a scary thing to depend on. I’ll get to that more later…

This post will be about something that we have really embraced since being in the Big Apple…Baseball. First of all, we’ve come to realize that working for corporate America defintiely has it’s perks, especially when it comes to sporting events. About a month and a half ago we had the opportunity to sit in a box suite at Citi Field. Although neither Lee or I cared about the Mets or their opponent, the Washington Nationals, we did care about the free Shake Shake burgers, fries, shakes and adult beverages. Seriously, this is the way to see a game. The third baseline view wasn’t bad either and of course I was excited to introduce Lee to all of my co-workers. As the Mets started losing it the 8th inning, shocking, – we took our cue, left, and we headed to McFadden’s, the bar right outside Citi Field. We got the dance party started and then left 30 minutes later. We like starting the party – it’s all about leaving it better than you found it, I suppose.

A few weeks later, I recieved an email from the Time Warner Cable Sports Partership team about an essay contest where we had the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the MLB All Star Home Run Derby. Of course, I jumped right on that horse and submitted my poem about how Time Warner Cable offering free Wi-Fi during the All Star week would be extremely beneficial. Later the next day I received an email from my boss saying that she was doing a drawing within our team, with the winner recieving a pair of tickets to the actual MLB All Star game at Citi Field. Knowing that this would be a once in a lifetime experience – of course I entered to win. Luck be a lady that day…I won! And then two days later, I received notification that I won the essay contest and also had won tickets to the Home Run Derby. All Star festitives were to ensue.

Day 1.

The Home Run Derby took place on a Monday. We headed to Queens as soon as I got off work, decked out in our Phillies gear. I was thankful that this was one time where I felt like I would not get beaten up for wearing Phillies apparel at Citi Field. A few middle fingers were still thrown, but eh, what do you do? 

The Derby was really a spectacle – baseball fans of all different backgrounds came together to support their teams at the Midsummer Classic. The smells of burgers, beer, pop corn, pretzels filled the stadium and we decided on a Smokehouse option. Food wise, my barbeque sandwich was delicious, which is saying something considering I love North Carolina barbeque.

As we settled into our seats right on the first base line, Pit Bull got the party started…or shall I say he tried too, we were too busy mocking him to really enjoy his beat-tastic music. Plus I was really distracted with his bass player who looked like CeeLo Green but who had Stevie Wonder’s sway.

After that trainwreck of a performance, it was time for the slugging to start. It’s pretty cool to hear the crack of a wooden bat over and over again with balls traveling up into the 3rd deck of a stadium. The guys were impressive. They’re probably all on PED’s but, oh well, we won’t find out until next year and it was a really fun show. The winner, Oakland A’s Yoenis Cepedes was amazing and the Washington National’s Bryce Harper was also fun to watch.

The the debauchary of the ride back stared. Question: When is the best time for all 7 trains from Queens to Manhattan to be cancelled? Oooh Oohh I know…Answer: When thousands of people who don’t live in Queens leave Citi Field and have to get back to Manhattan. NOT.

 Yes, this happened. We waited until 11:45 to catch a train to Penn Station only to have wait 45 minutes until the next train to take us to New Jersey. Although frustrating, the best part of this obstacle had to be the man sitting in the waiting area that had apparently carried his engraving set with him. Yes, engraving set. This man literally engraved metal the whole time we waited. I became so tickled. He never once looked up from his “art”  to notice or even care that the whole waiting area was giving him a confused death stare. Two things I take away from this experience…1) It’s never a good thing to be at Penn Station after midnight. 2) The sound of someone engraving something in an ear shot away from you is quite possibly the most annoying sound known to woman/man/child/tiny rat.

At 3:40 a.m. – we got home. At 5:30 a.m. I awoke. Baseball is American. Getting less than 2 hours of sleep…is not.


Day 2. The MLB All Star Game is also on a weekday for some unGodly reason. It’s actually the next day. I pushed my tiredness aside, worked my 8 hour day and then treked back to Citi Field that afternoon. We ate Shake Shack which was superb. We saw Mariano Rivera in his last All Star Game. We saw Marc Anthony perform a very flat version of the Star Spangled Banner. We sat in front of the most annoying 9 year boy ever. One of those kids that talks every minute of every day. The same kind of kid who would take a player’s name and for the whole time they were up to bat would reiterate their name in every single way that it could be said…take for instance Boston Redsox’s David Ortiz, A.K.A. Big Pappi, who during this game became “Davvvvvviiiiiddddd Orrrrttteeezzzz”, “Big PAPPPPAAA” BIGGGGG Popppppyyyyy”, Big pappy, Popppppyyyyy, etc… you get the drift. During the 6th inning, I heard his dad ask “Aren’t you tired yet?” and he said “No, I’m just getting energized”. That was an understatement.

After 2 days of MLB Baseball action, Lee almost caught 2 balls, almost wrestled with a Yankee fan over a free tee shirt, we only got crap over our Phillies shirts like 3 times, we got to eat ballpark food that’s so bad it’s good and we got to do something we probably would never be able to afford normally. The experience was awesome and I mean what’s better than a baseball game on a hot summer night?




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