Time. Time. Time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. We only have a certain amount of time and we walk through this life never knowing when our time will be up. With all of the tragedies that seem to sweep our world, I’m found myself feeling scared more than I’d like. It’s sad that you can’t go to a movie theater, you can’t go to work, you can’t run in a race, you can’t even go school without the possibility of time being taken away. Just the other night while at ball game, a man left a bookbag under his chair and then preceeded to leave. The lady sitting beside him yelled with a quick tremble in her voice, “Are you coming back for this?” He shook his head yes and then the guy who was sitting beside him said “He’ll be back, just getting a drink”. At that moment though, I knew exactly what she was thinking and it made me feel funny, uneasy. For the rest of the game I just kept thinking about it with terrible thoughts running through my mind. I’ve felt like that a few times walking from work through Times Square on a busy Friday afternoon. As we’ve seen from history, things can happen anywhere, in the smallest or biggest of places, no place is exempt.

I think as a country, we are so good at rolling with the punches, we sometimes bounce back too fast and we never really heal. Only when we are caught up in our own lives and something else terrible happens are we reminded that time is precious and there are those who want to take that time from us. Whether time is taken by sickess, an accident, an attack, etc..it can also be wasted by us. We are responsible to make the most of the time we have. We are not responsible for the circumstances that we cannot control that may shorten our time. It’s important that we find hope in seemingly hopeless situations. When I have those uneasy feelings, I have to stop myself and remember that some things are out of my control and being scared all the time isn’t a productive way to spend my time.

There is good in this world, still. I know it and I see it every day. The worst times bring out the best in people and we’ve continued to see that time and time again. Time is something we have been given and it’s up to us to make it count. WIth each ordinary day, something extraordinary is possible.

I think the Office said it best “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”. If only we took the time to think like that everyday and enjoy our time and the people we choose to spend it with. Life’s too short and always will be…so live large while you can.


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