Tips for a Tom Boy Trying to Find Her Way…Things I wish I Had Known

1.  Bowl Cuts are not ok. Unless you are a boy…and even then it’s really not ok.
2.  Overall shorts and sporting equipment do not make for a good school picture. (It is however, a great conversation starter for   when you’re older).
3.  Nike swoosh shirts/polos are also not appropriate for school pictures.
4.  Sports bras do not count as real bras. Wear them playing sports…that is all.
5.  Get some real bras.
6.  Oversized clothes do not hide your unflattering assets…they only make you look bigger.
7.  Do NOT wear panty hose to a Spring Athletic banquet, no matter how uncomfortable you feel wearing a dress and showing some leg. It is hot outside. You will look stupid. Hope that your friends really like you and can forgive you for this.
8.  Look up the phrase “Friend Zone” immediately. Work on trying to overcome this stigma…depending on how old you are it may take a while to break out of this.
9.  It’s ok if you’re better at a sport than the boy you like. If he can’t handle it, it won’t work out anyway.
10.  When getting dressed up – shoulder pads are not the answer. They are never the answer.
11.  If you keep going to sleepovers and being the “chosen one” for makeovers…this should be a sign.
12.  You probably shouldn’t wear Umbros, Bugle Boy and air walks (i’m dating myself) brands every day.
13.  If you go to Dairy Queen and the man behind the counter calls you “Buddy” it’s probably time to re-evaluate.                                     14.  If you’re happy with you, that’s all that matters. I did all of these things and I turned out ok…no bowl cut in over 14 years.


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